About Me
In 1996 Moonfaires World and Faerie Enchantment became the first lines of our brand. A time when Facebook didn't exist and Ebay was in its beginnings. Social media careers were not even a thought during this time period. We were considered pioneers, our first blog was published in 2003 and has since been viewed by nearly 8,000,000 vistors.  

By 2004 we decided to launch the Original Sports Cuff Line of products. One of those products was the authentic baseball cuff which has been reshaping the world of Sports Accessories ever since. 

That same year our creative publications, embellishments, paper and party lines were introduced. Cupieology, Charlotte-ville, Fairyland, Faerie Zine, Piddlestixs and Art Circus! At the time LK Designs goods were sold on Ebay, Etsy and eventually Artfire.  With over 750 molds to date, Lisa's handmade craft supplies have supplied artists, bloggers, crafters and designers world wild.

In 2005 Lisa's children's book Star and the Milky Way Cafe was released followed by the release of Altered Art Circus in 2009 by Quarry Books, our paper and party lines became a success. Embellishments, Papers, Stencils and Party Supplies were popping up all over the industry. 

During this decade from 2004-2014 Lisa released a series of magazines called the Faerie Zine and Piddlestixs which showcased a multitude of designers through rich photography and creative content. These publications lead to opening of her store, Piddlestixs in Lafayette, NJ.

Lisa Kettell is a graduate of Caldwell College, BA and MBA. She has become a leading expert in the creative arts industry and has been published in over a 250 publications worldwide. Lisa has taught close to 1,000 workshops, spoken at over 65 venues and has dedicated time to marketing the essentials of art awareness. She proudly wears many hats; graphic artist/illustrator, media platform specialist, frequency coach, branding redeveloper, and creative director. These hats have allowed Lisa to work with over 100 creative industry brands to date.  

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